2020 designer
Redesign the Libros Libres fanzine logo 

2018-2019 Layout designer and illustrator, masscience
Layout and drawing of  children's book 
2018 Designer and illustrator, fnatic
Commision for Fnatic (an e-sports team) of emotes for Twitch
2017 Designer
Banner of the highschool´s María Zambrano 40th anniversary
CURRENTLY, Modeling and Animation with 3ds Max
Azpe Computing
Use 3ds Max as a modeling tool, creating environments and 3D animations
2017-2019, Superior Technician in Plastic Arts and Graphic Design specialty
Control of editing programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign
Control of video and editing programs like After Effects and Premiere
Traditional and digital illustration
Design and layout knowledge

2017-CUrrently, Comic and digital illustration
tebeo ilustrando
Knowledges about script, storyboard  and panel and story planification
Traditional and digital illustration
2015-2017, Arts high school
MARÍA ZAMBRANO​​​​​​​ high school
clipstudiopaint ★★★★★
Photoshop ★★★★
Illustrator ★★★★
indesign ★★★★
after effects ★★★★
premiere ★★★★
animate ★★★
dreamweaver ★★★
acrobat ★★★★
powerpoint ★★★★★

2019, Publication of children's books and comic with Masscience
2019, Participation in the publication libros libres
2018, Illustration exhibition at Artskills
2017, Comic web publication with California´s Project editorial
2017, Banner of the highschool´s María Zambrano 40th anniversary
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